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How to use the CERN Slides' App

  1. Go to:
  2. Login, using your CERN credentials. login-page
  3. Give a title to your new presentation. landing-page
  4. Hit Let's GO!
  5. Now you see the first slide of your presentation and it contains a text box, where the user can put a title, author and date. first-slide
  6. Notice that your CERN username and Presentation Title are part of the URL.
  7. To edit the text in the box, double-click the text box. Click on the 'Save' icon, when you finish editing. text
  8. Click on the "Clone Slide" button if you want to add a new slide in your presentation with the exact same content as your current one, then you can edit it.
  9. Add a new slide by clicking the '+' sign, with the description "Add a New Slide".
  10. Two text boxes will appear, double-click the upper text box and add text. second-slide-text
  11. Then delete the second one.
  12. To add an Image click the 'Add Image' button. image
  13. You can now try moving and resizing the Image and/or the Text.
  14. Change the theme of the presentation, using the "Change Theme" button. theme slide-theme
  15. Change the background colour of the presentation, using the "Change colour" button. colour theme-colour-slide
  16. Click the Slideshow button to view your Presentation. Notice the replacement of /edit/username/title by /present/username/title on the URL. slideshow presentation
  17. Click the export PDF button and follow the steps to export your presentation as a PDF file. Notice the replacement of /edit/username/title by /export/username/title?export&print on the URL.

export-button export-step-1 export-step-2 18. Go back to the edit mode of the presentation clicking the back button in your browser. 19. Save your presentation locally, as a '.slides' file using the 'Save Presentation' button. save-step-1 save-step-2 save-step-3 20. At a later time, you can upload your '.slides' presentation file on the Slides App, in order to continue editing or in order to present to an audience. 21. Navigate in the homepage of the App and use the Edit Existing Presentation button. upload 22. If you want to export as a PDF file your presentation from Chrome, or Chrome-based browser, the settings are a bit different. We suggest using Chrome when one intends to export a presentation as PDF, tends to perform better. chrome-export